We are HUGE animal lovers. Animals of all kinds. Janet has 4 dogs of her own & loves them to no end! Each of her babies has a story that she'd love to share with you at some point but would be even happier to hear about your fur babies. She has also fostered, rehabilitated and found loving homes for many pups along the way and volunteers with dog rescue. Enjoy some photos of her very own babies in the meantime. 


Spaghetti is her actual name! :) She is a beautiful Irish Wolfhound. She is just over 1 years old and a full blown character. She has her own instragram if you'd like to follow her adventures. 


Kaylee is our "first born" She is a beautiful Samoyed. She is just over 9 years old and a princess if you couldn't tell. She likes to tell stories and especially loves humans. 


Rescued from Granby QC and how he got his name. This munchkin had his final days counted for him and there was no way that was gonna happen if we could help it. His personality is bigger than he is!


Tilly started out as a foster. She had a really hard start to life and was treated like no dog should. She is such a special soul, so much so that we fell in love & decided to adopt and keep her for ourselves forever. 


We love to give back, we love to share the love, and most of all we love animals! So the best way to put all those things together is to help with local rescues. A beautiful photo that can show an animals personality and soul through their eyes really helps to find them forever homes since most of the time the internet is the only way the dogs can be showcased and posted for adoption.


The dogs shown below are some dogs we have met on our journey, whether through rescue, in loving memory, and pet portraits :)


It is NEVER easy to lose a pet! We know first hand what that is like and we also know how important it is to hold on to as many memories as we can. Several times a month we offer a complimentary photo session to a family losing a pet. We make the time special, we will capture moments of your pet doing it's favorite things, you snuggling together and a few lovely portraits for you to treasure forever. It's really the only time we'll say that we hope to NOT hear from you in this regard and that all your pets are healthy and happy! if the circumstance exists please send us an email if you or someone you know are in need of an "in loving memory" session.

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